Release notes

Version 1.3

  1. Runs on top to be able to detect screen resolution
  2. Command line switches /Q to run silent and /R to reset collected data at startup.
  3. Autoscale performance diagrams
  4. Bugfix on recomended vgpu profiles

Version 1.2

  1. Bugfix for unsupported GPU’s
  2. Warn if your GPU profile is overloaded. This data can also be viewed in dashboard in sponsor version.

Version 1.1

  1. Bugfix for multi GPU
  2. Bugfix for vGPO profiles higher than what M60 can provide (M6000)
  3. Bugfix for K1 and K2 vgpu profiles
  4. K1 and K2 vgpu profilesare by default disabled as they are no longer for sale. Can optionally be turned on

Version 1.0

  1. Show normalized values, will show framebuffer in MB instead of % and GPU utilization in GFLOPS instead of %. Then you can compare the same workload on two different GPU’s to see if you get the same result.
  2. I’ve split the GPU framebuffer and GPU Load chart to be able to differentiate between them.
  3. Runs with user rights.
  4. It has an MSI installer now, but you can also choose to download the zipped version if you want to run it from a file share
  5. Optional telemetry that you can turn off if you like. This will send the GPU data to me so I can verify that the algorithms are working like it should, and improve the tool in the future. This is anonymized data. No sensitive information is sent, only what you see in the UI. Uncheck the telemetry option in the bottom of the app if you don’t want data to be sent.
  6. Bug fix: if you have multiple GPU’s it will show the first NVidia GPU. I will maybe add support for multiple GPU’s in the future.
  7. Added support for more than 1100 GPU types, including vGPU for Nvidia M60, M6 and M10. Now you can monitor within a vGPU machine.
  8. Support for 64bit GPU API detection. Now you can see all apps that are using DirectX, CUDA, OpenGL and OpenCL.
  9. Will show how many users per board you can have with current vGPU profile.
  10. Ability to reset data collection. Just click the reset link and restart application. Very useful if you are assessing one app, and would like to clear data before assessing another app.
  11. Will show GPU utilization values above chart
  12. Bug fix for vGPU profiles on K1/K2 above 4GB. (Should not be allowed if above 4GB)
  13. Run silent with /Q

Beta version (pre 1.0)

  1. Support for some Quadro cards.
  2. Simple unverified algortith for recommending vGPU profiles based on existing workloads.