Frequently asked questions


How do I install GPUSizer?

GPUSizer can be installed as an MSI or exctracted standalone as zip file.

Where do I place GPUSizer?

Wherever your want it to be, it’s small and runs perfectly from a local or remote drive.


What kind of permissions are needed for GPUSizer?

GPUSizer can be used with normal user permissions

What kind of GPU is supported?

The tool will run with any GPU, but only Nvidia GRID and Quadro with NWMI is fully supported. Unsupported GPU types will allways show 100% GPU and Video memory utilization because it cannot collect this data.

Why does it show 100% load when there is no GPU load?

Because the GPU type is not supported it will estimate 100% load.

What is the GFLOPS value used for, and where does it come from?

It’s the GPU’s max compute capacity and is used to convert GPU utilization on one GPU to GPU utilization on Nvidia GRID. This method is not 100% reliable and therefore you must verify results in POC. Data comes from techpowerup.com/gpudb/