GPUSizer is developed by Magnar Johnsen

Magnar is specialised in EUC technologies with focus on Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Vmware Horizon View, Microsoft RDSH and System Center, Nvidia Grid and vGPU. Magnar has more that 17 years experience with this technology and is top certified on Citrix (CCE-V)

ngcaMagnar is rewarded Nvidia Grid Community Advisor (NGCA) for expertise in monitoring, sizing, performance testing and tool development for Nvidia Grid environments.


Magnar is also member of TeamRGE.com an independent community group that publishes whitepapers, blogs, video’s and speaks on conferences about various remote graphics solutions.

The GPUSizer tool is something Magnar has developed and is distributing on his own,and is a tool built for the EUC community. No company is responsible for the GPUSizer tool. Please read the disclaimer here